Active Learning with Nobue Inoue and Brian Southwick

Shinshu JALT is proud to present our next event.


Speakers: Nobue Inoue and Brian R. Southwick
Date: March 3rd, Saturday
Time: 13:00-15:00
Venue: Level 3, Room 5, TOIGO CENTER, Nagano City, 長野市生涯学習センター3階第5教室 (map)
Admission: Free for members, 1000¥ for non-members

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The Japanese government has in recent years placed increasing emphasis on an active
model of learning, as distinct from the conventional passive paradigm, at the primary,
secondary, and tertiary level. In classrooms informed by active design, teachers are
facilitators rather than dispensers of knowledge, while students are discoverers or creators
of meaning as opposed to empty vessels. The active classroom incorporates presentations,
role-plays, discussions and debates and minimizes lectures. The rationale for the shift is
simple: students in the active classroom acquire a sense of ownership over their learning
and thus heightened levels of academic motivation. Our presentation will describe active
learning projects undertaken in English language classes in the Faculty of Tourism
Management at Niigata University of Management and discuss the feedback we have
received from students.



Both Nobue Inoue and Brian R. Southwick teach at Niigata University of Management (NUM) and help students majoring in tourism improve their English language skills.

Nobue Inoue is a Senior Lecturer at NUM. After working as a marketing communication
specialist and a Japanese-English/English-Japanese translator/interpreter for about four years, she decided to study abroad in Canada to broaden her horizons and acquire technical knowledge. Her study abroad experiences encouraged her to pursue an academic career; and she has been responsible for developing study abroad programs intended mainly for Japanese students for the past several years. She is interested in study abroad, student motivation and second language acquisition in general, and has presented at several JALT-related conferences for the past few years. She has a postgraduate certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment from Niagara College, and is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program (TESOL) at University of Portsmouth.

Brian R. Southwick is an Associate Professor at NUM. Upon being graduated from Louisiana State University in 1999 with an MA in pedagogy, emphasis secondary English Language Arts, he moved to Niigata and, from 2000-16, served as an Assistant Language Teacher with the Niigata City Board of Education. Currently in his second year at NUM, his interests include, in addition to active learning, English-language kamishibai, or Japanese picture-card storytelling, in the dual contexts of community revitalization and early English education.


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