Event Report: Get going with Google


On July the 30th, Shinshu JALT was very privileged to host an esteemed educator and certified Google innovator and trainer – Rab Paterson.

The first 2 hour portion of Rab’s workshop focused on setting up a workflow using the vast array of apps and tools available from Google. From setting up and personalising your own Gmail account, the workshop instinctively moved on to creating a platform for learners to share and exchange ideas under constant teacher supervision. Rab had much to speak about in regards to the strengths of using a Google platform compared to others. In particular the security, cross referencing capabilities and the free compatibility regardless of device – all readily available for any user teacher or student. The workshop also covered many of the tools available to teachers and students via an online system such as – various methods to proofread and improve your writing fluency and ways for a teacher to monitor how a student’s writing piece develops.


The second part of Rab’s workshop dealt with his Google accreditations and current work. Rab explained the process involved in the various Google certificates available and how it improves your skills as a digital educator. Those at the workshop were also fortunate to see how Rab’s work platform creates a network for his students to create media and content that is readily shared online via blogs. Some of the work involved videos made by the students – digital videos as well as recorded performances – and well written thought pieces by students expressing their ideas and desires.

Shinshu JALT would like to once again thank Rab in taking the time to share his online teaching experiences with those of us in Nagano, who for the most part conduct a majority if not all of our teaching offline.



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