Event Report: Developing literacy through CLIL for young learners + Luna’s BBQ


Chiyuki’s presentation began with a brief introduction to CLIL and inviting an open discussion on what people thought it involved. While there were many rough ideas, Chiyuki explained two approaches to CLIL: hard – which is more content driven and soft- which focuses more on language learning through content. A third and more preferrable option exists which she dubbed “comfortable CLIL”, which synergizes both approaches.

An important factor in CLIL is selecting material that is interesting for students and can elicit further thinking and language use. Forutnately for the participants on the day representatives from Macmillan brought a variety of books that demonstrated learning material that was well illustrated and designed specifically for CLIL style learning. Many of which Chiyuki highly recommended.


The main segment of the presentation was a group activity where participants were asked to design a unit around the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. CLIL lesson design involves the use of the four C’s – Cognition, Culture, Content and Communication. Groups had to take these into account when designing lessons and their answers varied significantly with each group – from learning about planting seeds to acting out an alternative ending.

As the presentation wound up and people’s stomachs started to grumble, participants headed to the nearby Susugi river to enjoy a barbeque hosted by Luna International and Macmillan. Given the success of the day Macmillan has agreed to make this an annual event, ShinshuJALT would like to deeply thank all the people who made the day possible. We look forward to the same success next year.

Barbeque photos courtesy of Dragon Photography by Mike George


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