Developing literacy through CLIL for young learners + Luna’s BBQ

Chiyuki BBQ

Speaker: Chiyuki Yanase
Date: April 16th (Sun)
Time: 10:00am ~ 12:00pm
Venue:  Agata no Mori Bunka Kaikan, あがたの森文化会館 (Google map)
Sponsors: Macmillan Publishing, Japan Association for Language Teaching: Shinshu Chapter 全国語学教育学会  信州支部

In this workshop, Chiyuki Yanase will discuss what Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is and why it can be an effective approach in EFL classes for young learners. She will also explore how CLIL can be integrated in order to develop young learners’ literacy skills in a EFL story-based class. Participants will be invited to experience CLIL activities, based on a story from a course book, Story Central. It is hoped that participants go back to their classrooms with engaging CLIL activities which motivate literacy development and language learning of young learners.

Chiyuki Yanase is a language school owner and a lecturer at several universities in Tokyo. She has been teaching English for young learners for over 20 years and holds MSc in TEYL from Aston University. Her research interests focus on collaborative learning and the literacy development of young learners. She has presented at numerous conferences, and published several articles on team-teaching, learner autonomy and collaborative learning.

Over the years, we have had many gifted speakers visit us in Nagano. But how can they be expected to share years of experience and expertise in a two-hour time slot? They can’t. And that is why we are so pleased to welcome back Chiyuki Yanase. Yanase sensei will build off her successful ‘Story-based lessons for children’ workshop in 2016, this time focusing on content-based language lessons for young learners. If you missed last year’s event, do not make the same mistake twice – join us for a morning of professional development. For last year’s participants, see you on the 16th.

Immediately afterwards, we will wander over to Susugi River for a BBQ. After a long hibernation, it will be a good chance to sit down with friends from Shinshu JALT, Luna International and MacMillan Publishing.

All this is made possible by the generous contribution of Macmillan Publishing, who have kindly agreed to sponsor Yanase Sensei’s talk and the BBQ, and the tireless efforts of Jim & Damian at Luna International, who have been working behind the scenes to pull all this together. On behalf of the chapter, thank you.

Admission: JALT members: free. Non-members: 1000 yen. JALT会員は無料、非会員は当日1000円
Inquiries: Gregory Birch (
See events calendar for latest details.
Signup for the event via facebook here.



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